An edition dedicated to the use of VR or AR in the healthcare industry, including well-being, handicap and medicine.

3 useful information you will learn in this magazine:

How VR technology can help to train future health professionals
How VR is used to prevent cancer
How AR can assist neurosurgeons

They contributed:

Robert FINE (IVRHA) - Sébastien SERLET (Université libre de Bruxelles), Paula SÁNCHEZ MARTÍNEZ  ALFONSO & Soriano BALLESTER (Innoarea Projects), Christophe GOUET (Middle VR), David PLIQUET (TMS Studio), James MARKEY (HRV Simulation), Marie POUX-BERTHE (Tutkii), Chloé BIDET (Oséos), Nicolas AOUIZERATE (Feelity), Marco SACCO (CNR Stiima), Rebecca GILL (VR Therapies), Christophe MALLET (Bodyswaps), Inna KHMELNITSKAYA & Alexandre SITNIK (ArtoMed), Patrice BOUVIER (SYKO STUDIO), Alexandre BÉGUÉ (Relaxmind), Jérôme LELEU (Sim for Health), Albert (Skip) RIZZO, Arno HARTHOLT, Andew LEEDS, David KWOK, Sharon MOZGAI (University of California - Institute for Creative Technologies), Guillaume FACCHI (Biovalley), Nora YENNEK (IfisLab), Corentin DUBOC (Segula Technologies), Gregory MAUBON (HCS Pharma), Grace MANGIALARDI (Ex Molecular Devices, now working for SCIEX), Victor HERRERA & HELENA ORTIZ GIL (Techer Team), Xavier RUYRA BALIARDA (Heart Institute Quiransalud Teknon), Christopher LAFAYETTE (Holopratice), Valentin JOUET & Lauriane CAUCHON (HRV), Amina MOHAMED-SOILIHI & Dan BENHAMOU (LabforSim 2), Renaud LAMORT (VR Connection), Aimen MAKI & Slim KHMISSI (Holograms), Carine De POTTER, Umut ELESTEKIN, Ufuk AYDINLI, Tolgar GUNGOR & Sinan VURAL (NOYA Enterprise), Abdelmajid KADRI (ARTS et MÉTIERS - Institut de Laval), Robert STONE (University of Birmingham), Mélanie PÉRON (BLISS - L’ effet Papillon), Alexandre JACQUES (Bais-Hambers Medical Centre), Benjamin COSSE (COTTOS Medical), Jean-François ZAREMBA (Synthes3D), Johnny DUERINCK & Frederick VAN GESTEL (UZ BRUSSELS), Valérie RIFFAUD-CANGELOSI (Epson Europe), Corentin METGY (Lumeen), Loïc FLAMENG (OpenScript VR), Claire PATOUILLET (Independent Consultant), Lionel MÉTIVIER (Conserto Labs), Marguerite BRAC DE LA PERRIÈRE (LEXING - ALain Bensoussan Avocats), Vincent Rieuf (Iceberg), Amaury Solignac (Iceberg), Paul Monnier (Défis d'Hommes)


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